Corporation Tax, Accounts Coaching and More

Leave the stress of handling your finances to the experts and come to Sort Your Accounts. We offer a full range of accounting services - covering everything from corporation tax through to in-depth accounts coaching. Contact us today for more information.


Are you over the VAT threshold? We can advise you on the best way to account for your VAT - including the completion of returns to HMRC.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Specific to the building trade - CIS enables you and your subcontractors to pay tax at the point of invoicing. CIS, therefore, helps businesses to avoid significant tax bills at the year-end and, in some cases, can even lead to a rebate. Should you employ subcontractors and need to deduct pay over CIS, we can look after that for you.

Company Accounts and Corporation Tax Calculations

Need your accounts to go to Companies House and HMRC? We can process the accounts for you and explain how it all links together. No more signing without understanding.

General Bookkeeping

Want us to look after all the paperwork for you? We can keep you up to date and take away the stress.

Spreadsheet Reviews

Spreadsheet Reviews

Everyone uses spreadsheets in today’s modern world, but have those spreadsheets evolved with your business? At Sort Your Accounts, we can streamline and speed up your processes and we can suggest ways to present your data in an accessible and visible format - helping you to make the most of the information you have.

Personal Spend Reviews

Personal Spend Reviews

Want to save money but don’t know where the savings can come from? Let us take a look at your spending and summarise it for you. We offer face-to-face consultations to discuss your income and expenditure and give you tips on how to change your spending habits. The information you receive may surprise you!

Accounts Coaching

Accounts Coaching

Do your team have any questions or need any guidance and tips on the best and most efficient way to perform administrative or accounting tasks? We can come to you. Our team can help to resolve problems, answer your questions, and teach your team new skills. Plus, we can offer bespoke training packages that are driven by the needs of your business.

 Get in touch with us to learn more about our corporation tax and accounts coaching solutions.

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